Sentence structure software

Help make sentences and understand how sentences are formed. IRS Words helps you work with children to construct and annotate words, phrases and sentences, sort words into groups and rearrange words into complete sentences.

IRS Words has been used with children with specific speech and language difficulties, SEN pupils and whole classes in school by teachers and speech therapists.

IRS Words allows children to see how different combinations of words fit to construct sentences and to move these words around without having to rewrite the whole sentence.

Words, phrases and sentences can be annotated by the pupil and teacher to highlight the type of words used (nouns, verbs etc.) with simple colour coding pupils can see what type of word is missing from the sentence and then edit it accordingly.

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists give irs Words 5/5

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists have reviewed irs Words in their Bulletin magazine. The review gave irs Words 5 out of 5 overall, noting that;

"The program's strength is the fact that as a content-free framework it affords flexibility in addressing a range of targets; for example, I have used it to show expansion of noun phrases and how conjunctions work, but the possibilities are endless"

NASEN Special Magazine ~ irs Words highly recommended

irs Words has been highly recommended in the January edition of NASEN's (formerly the National Association for Special Educational Needs) Special magazine. The review was written by a teacher in charge of a speech and language centre in a primary school.

"irs words is proving to be a valuable enhancement both to specialist literacy lessons and to small group speech and language therapy sessions..."

"for the primary-age children that I teach. They have a range of speech and language difficulties and respond very well to this sort of multi-sensory approach to learning."

"I would highly recommend this resource as one that is genuinely user friendly. The fact that it is so straightforward not only means that it has the potential to address an array of targets with a wide range of pupils in a variety of settings, but also that I will actually use it on a regular basis!"

irs Words runs on Adobe AIR, availible here


Word Builder

Digital alphabet letters

Help build words from an onscreen curved alphabet with vowels identified in red.

Used as a one-to-one intevention or as a class, IRS Word Builder allows children to construct words out of the letters of the alphabet

CVC words can be made and then changed or rearranged to make new words following the spelling or sound pattern being taught.

irs Word Builder runs on Adobe AIR, availible here


Both Words and Word Builder run on Adobe AIR, availible here